Find Workouts that You Enjoy


Staying Consistent is the Key

Do you find it difficult to find a fitness program and stick to it? With the hundreds of exercise programs available it can be difficult to find one that works for you.  You may need to try out some different programs to figure out what works and this is perfectly okay. Surprisingly, all the exercises won’t be enjoyable but finding exercises that you like and that you will look forward to is a major step in achieving fitness for the long-term.


Just a Few Types of Exercises You Can Try

Weight Lifting                     Yoga woman weight lifting

Zumba                                    Kickboxing

Swimming                            Dance Classes

Hiking                                    Trampoline Aerobics

Bootcamp                             Running



Get Creative and Mix Up Your Workouts

Even if you have stayed consistent for months on the same workout routine another important step in staying constant with your exercise is to make sure you do not get bored. Step out of your comfort zone and try exercises that you wouldn’t normally do. Mix up your workouts between high and low intensity to avoid injury.


You Are on a Roll, But Don’t Go Overboard

You are now in the exercise groove and working out consistently but you don’t want to get so obsessed that you don’t take the adequate time to rest. Recovery is an important part of your exercise program because it allows you time to restore energy and repair damaged tissues. Also, overworked muscles will not perform well. Workout buddies mean well and will encourage you to push your limits but listen to your body and don’t be ashamed to admit when you need to take a break.


Food is Fuel for Your Workouts well balanced diet

In your quest to get fit, it may be tempting to go on some extreme diet to accompany your workouts to speed up results. When we reach our 30’s many of us have learned the hard way that these fad diets just don’t work.  Proper nutrition is needed for the energy to complete your workouts. A balance of all different types of food can be part of a healthy diet. Protein, fruits, veggies, dairy, fats, and even the so called forbidden carbs can be included in your diet. Drink plenty of water to avoid becoming dehydrated during workouts.


Share Your Workout Experiences

If you have any questions about the information discussed here please leave a comment. Feel free to share your exercise experience. What types of exercise do you love?

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