5 Simple Lower Ab Exercises for Women

For women, we really need to target our abs because we tend to store fat in this area and we must to do all we can to discourage this. Not to mention that childbirth only complicates things even further. This makes lower ab exercises for women extremely important because the lower ab area seems to be particularly stubborn in holding on to fat. Working the abs is never easy, let’s face it you are really going to feel the burn but it is necessary.  Try these simple but effective exercises to that target the lower abs.


  1. The Plank – The plank is an isometric core exercise where you hold a push-up like position for as long as you can. There are many different variations to the plank which are all good for the core but just holding yourself in this push up like position with strengthen your lower abs and other muscle groups as well. You can do the plank with arms straight like the beginning of a push-up or with arms bent from your elbows.

  1. Mountain Climbers – The primary actions involved in mountain climbers are supporting the body in plank position while flexing the knees to work the core. This provides a great aerobic effect and works many other muscle groups. It’s a great exercise for slimming down that pouch.



  1. Leg Drops – This exercise will strengthen your lower abs and help train your core stability to protect your low back. To perform this exercise, lie down on the floor with your body in a straight line. Squeeze your abdominal muscles tightly and lift both legs off the floor. Lower your legs toward the floor, but don’t touch the floor. Bring your legs back to the start position. You can modify this exercise by leaning on your hands and bending the knees.


  1. Bicycle Crunch – to perform the exercise, lie down on the floor with your lower back pressed to the ground and contract your core muscles.  Place your hands behind your head gently and lift your knees to about a 45-degree angle. Go through a bicycle pedal motion and alternately touch your elbows to the opposite knee as you twist back and forth.

  1. Tuck Jumps – wanted to show at least one standing lower ab exercise. Ab work does not always have to be done on the floor. To perform this exercise, jump straight up from the standing position bringing your knees to towards your chest at the peak of your jump. Land in the standing position and immediately repeat. You can also modify this by alternating the knees with each jump.


There is always at least one of these ab exercises incorporated into my favorite kickboxing workout. As always comment and share your best and most effective ab exercises.






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