Green Coffee Bean Extract for Weight Loss

Green Coffee Bean Extract for Weight Loss 


What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Green Coffee is a natural nutritional product with positive and interesting implications for metabolic health. Green Coffee Beans are simply just coffee beans that have not been roasted. Green Coffee Bean Extract is a supplement with components that have been removed from these unroasted coffee beans.  The main ingredient these coffee beans contain that help people lose weight and manage blood sugar is called chlorogenic acid.  Chlorogenic acid inhibits the activity of a liver enzyme called glucose-6-phosphotase which releases glucose from the liver into the bloodstream. Too much sugar in the bloodstream can cause damage to blood vessels, nerves, your eyes, and your kidneys. Chlorogenic acid also supports the metabolism of fat in the liver which is also important for health and body weight management. Another good benefit of chlorogenic acid is that it slows the absorption of sugar from the digestive tract helping to reduce spikes in blood sugar.


There are No Magic Weight loss Pills or Elixirs

There are no products that magically melt away fat. Lifestyle changes will still be necessary for achieving long-term weight loss goals. Following a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and reducing stress are crucial steps to optimal health and weight management.  But realistically, no one consumes a perfect diet – it can also be difficult to pinpoint exactly what a “perfect diet” is because the health & wellness diet industry is always changing. For many people, green coffee bean extract can help with meeting the goals of healthier blood sugar levels and weight management easier.


Adding Green Coffee Bean Extract as a Nutritional Supplement balanced diet

This is not an invitation to eat whatever you want but at the same time you do not have to deprive yourself of all the foods you like. Most diets focus on deprivation and on what you can’t eat.  Along with green coffee bean extract you should be consuming food high in fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals, and that are low in saturated fat.


What You Should Look for in a Supplement

Choosing the proper green coffee bean extract supplement is important toward your progress. Here is what you should look for when choosing a supplement:

  • Look at the list of ingredients – it should contain at least 45% chlorogenic acid and contains no fillers or artificial ingredients.


  • Look for reliable trademarked green coffee bean extract brand names such as GCA or Svetol.


  • Research the products on This is an independent company providing test results to help consumers and health professionals identify the best quality nutrition products.

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